Stem Cells – A Forgotten Ayurvedic Science of India

It’s time for traditional Ayurveda and modern science to mutually benefit from each other wherein natural power of our body to remain healthy and young is packaged into dispensable ready to use cosmetic.

According to Ayurveda Stem cells are those cells which have power to give rise to the entire human body. Body-senses-mind & soul are the integral parts of human biological system. And body is composed of Doshas + Dhatus & Malas; these are grosser manifestations of Panchamahabhuta.

The dhatus form the basic matter of the body – tissues. These are of two categories –Sthayee & Asthayee and generic types of these dhatus are of seven types. The presence of Sthayeedhatus control the architecting of Asthayeedhatus throughout the life from the available nutrients in the human systems with the help of Agni, the transporting mechanisms.

If due to deficiency of any nutrition or in any chronic disease condition any kinds of dhatu get depleted then with the help of Rasayanatherapy (stem cell extract of cytokines and growth factors) the process of formation of that particular dhatu/ dhatus is stimulated.

These Sthayeedhatus are stem cell in modern medicine and in Ayurvedic system of medicines the applied aspect of this concept is elaborately discussed and used therapeutically and as preventive measures for various diseases as well as an anti-ageing modality.

Unistem uses Umbilical cord of newborn baby (which provides vital life force during baby’s development) from which mesenchymal stem cells (Sthayeedhatus) are derived which is further cultivated naturally to produce stem cell extract (Rasayana) which is applied as an active ingredient  in cosmetic product/s


We believe that umbilical cord of new born was used in Kankustha which has been mentioned in ancient Ayurveda literatures and same were destroyed by the foreign invaders centuries ago.

 Surgical instruments

Surgical instruments designed in India thousands of years back Before Christ (BC) 



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